Elevation Certificate

Is your home, commercial or industrial building at or below the Flood Hazard Area?

An Elevation Certificate is often requested to determine whether a tract of land is either partially or completely above or below the Flood Hazard Area as determined by the National Flood Insurance Program. An Elevation Certificate determines the proper insurance premium rates for a tract of land. Certificates are often requested in an effort to determine whether a house or building is above or below the Base Flood Elevation. With a Flood Certificate the elevation of a building at the four corners as well as the finished floor is determined. No boundary corners are set and no effort is made to determine property lines other than to locate the structure in question.

Huddleston Land Surveying, Inc. performs the high quality work needed to perform an accurate survey for an Elevation Certificate. To learn more about our surveying and how we can work for you, call us today at 918-451-1925 and get your free estimate or email us for online quotes and service requests.

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